:: Introduction ::

Feb 23, 2002

  This is the first segment of what will be a series of joystick reviews.

In this review I will analyze the following Happ Controls joysticks:

    Super Joystick 8/4-way  (part # 50-6084-00)
    Competition Joystick 8-way  (part # 50-6070-16)
    Ultimate Joystick 8-way  (part # 50-7608-16)

    I will take a look at the construction of each of these joysticks as well as their basic functionality during gameplay.

The construction portion of the review will mainly be a technical analysis, and the functionality portion will be based on their feel as a result of their construction.


Shown left to right:  Competition, Ultimate, Super Joysticks from Happ Controls

    2/24/02 Update -  The shaft size of the Super & Competition was earlier misreported as 3/8" diameter.  It is actually 10mm.  The review has been updated with this information.


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