This section deals with configuring and running the MESS GUI.It includes a quickstart guide, the menu options and an in depth look at the configuration window.

Quick Start

Open MESS GUI by pressing its icon, you will see a screen like this...


When you run MESS GUI for the first time it will automatically hunt for available BIOS files. If it doesn't find any or you add more press "F5" to update the system list.

Menu Options

MESS GUI is far easier to use than the command line versions of MESS. Most of the functions can be accessed from its menus. Here is the complete description of all of MESS GUI's menus...

Config Window

You can see below the default options window on MESS GUI. This is where you set up all of MESS GUI's options. You can access if by going to Options -> Default Options menus. Here is a complete description of what you can change...


You must remember that changing these settings affects all systems. Sometimes you will find that changing a setting to benefit one system can hinder another. The obvious answer is if the system you are using performs badly and other systems don't, change it's settings individually using the file menu -> properties option.