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For this project I will use a Demolition Derby steering wheel that I eBay'ed and connect it to an Opti-Pac+.

These are pictures prior to the disassembly.  These steering wheels were in rough shape when I got them. The encoder wheels were bent, they were a little rusty, pretty dirty, etc...  I chose the worst one for my project, just to see if I could bring it back from the dead.

wheel01.jpg (75609 bytes)  -  wheel02.jpg (70169 bytes)  -  wheel03.jpg (49471 bytes)  -  wheel05.jpg (73276 bytes)  -  wheel06.jpg (81310 bytes)

Here I have removed the wheel from the control panel.  I also straightened out the encoder wheel with a pair of pliers.  It looks pretty good now.

wheel07.jpg (74550 bytes)  -  wheel08.jpg (92461 bytes)  -  wheel09.jpg (45902 bytes)  -  wheel10.jpg (72536 bytes)  -  wheel11.jpg (78192 bytes)  -  wheel12.jpg (76614 bytes)

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