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- = Steering Wheel = -

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I will use this nylon bracket I got at the local hardware store to mount the optic board to the shaft housing.  Those that have purchased a later model 'HotRod' version OSCAR will recognize this bracket.  The legs are 1 1/2" long with slots for adjustment.  I used a 3/16" bit to drill a hole through the bottom of the housing to attach the bracket.

wheel13.jpg (69905 bytes)  -  wheel14.jpg (70853 bytes)  -  wheel15.jpg (65435 bytes)  -  wheel16.jpg (50820 bytes)

The optic board was made by following the instructions found on Andy Warne's Opti-Pac+ website (www.spaceinvaders.uk.com).  The optical switches I used were Optek model # OPB660T that I got from Newark Electronics (Newark # 08F2626) for $1.94 each.  The wafer board is a Radio Shack # 276-147.  Score the wafer board to size with a razor knife and give it a 'snap'.  It makes a pretty clean break.

wheel19.jpg (112423 bytes)  -  wheel17.jpg (81650 bytes)  -  wheel18.jpg (105272 bytes)  -  wheel20.jpg (40444 bytes)  -  wheel21.jpg (64184 bytes)

The optic board is attached to the nylon bracket and positioned to "read" the encoder wheel.  I used a #4-40 machine screw w/ lock washer & nut to hold the wafer board to the bracket.

wheel22.jpg (52986 bytes)  -  wheel23.jpg (47422 bytes)  -  wheel24.jpg (46815 bytes)  -  wheel25.jpg (45632 bytes)

Here the steering wheel is attached to my I-PAC/Opti-Pac+ test board.  Notice the rat's nest of cables behind my servers.  ;)  Anyway, the steering wheel works great!  My next project (spare time permitting...) will be to mount this steering wheel and my trigger joystick in a new control panel for my MAME cabinet.

wheel26.jpg (70564 bytes)  -  wheel27.jpg (60534 bytes)  -  wheel28.jpg (55016 bytes)


Project costs:

(4) steering wheels $63.32     eBay   ($26.51 + 36.81 shipping)
wafer board $3.99 Radio Shack
(2)optical switches $3.88 Newark Electronics    
(5) pack 220 Ohm resistors     $0.49 Radio Shack
misc. hardware $2.00 hardware store




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