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I started with my Logitech Wingman Warrior for my trigger joystick, seeing as I haven't used it since I built my first MAME cabinet.

Here it is just after I disassembled it and started to take it apart.  The Wingman has a hole through the plastic shaft to keep the shaft in place.

tstick01.jpg (48876 bytes)  -  tstick02.jpg (56786 bytes)  -  tstick03.jpg (51693 bytes)  -  tstick04.jpg (54784 bytes)  -  tstick05.jpg (60502 bytes)

I had an old joystick that came out of my Wrestlefest 4P cabinet.  I'm pretty sure  it's a Happ's Ultimate??  Let me know if I'm wrong.  This will serve as the base for the trigger joystick.

tstick06.jpg (68080 bytes)  -  tstick07.jpg (54640 bytes)

I needed a steel shaft to fit the Wingman and the joystick base.  It also needs to be hollow for the wires to go through.  Just my luck, I found that my set of nutdrivers have hollow shafts!  Upon closer inspection, I see that the 11/32" nutdriver has exactly the same shaft diameter.  Who needs an 11/32" nutdriver?  Not me.  A few taps with my persuader (big %@$# hammer), and the plastic handle breaks right off.  Next, I took off the socket with a hacksaw.  I also cross-drilled a hole in the shaft to match the hole that was in the plastic Wingman shaft.  Note:  It is much easier to drill a round shaft if you dimple it first with a center punch.

 tstick08.jpg (62583 bytes)  -  tstick09.jpg (61260 bytes)  -  tstick10.jpg (46513 bytes)  -  tstick11.jpg (40121 bytes)

In order to secure the shaft to the joystick base, I planned to use the original e-clip.  A few quick passes with a Dremel tool made the necessary groove.  The rest is just assembly.  After I had it back together, I checked the buttons with a multi-meter and hooked it up to my I-PAC test board.  Everything works great!  I am in the process of building an additional control panel for my MAME cab, and this stick will be permantly installed in that panel along with a steering wheel / shifter control.  The next D.I.Y. project will be a steering wheel to Opti-Pac+ project.

tstick12.jpg (61572 bytes)  -  tstick13.jpg (57931 bytes)  -  tstick15.jpg (57467 bytes)  -  tstick16.jpg (58994 bytes)  -  tstick17.jpg (51054 bytes)  -    tstick18.jpg (52952 bytes)  -  tstick19.jpg (53833 bytes)  -  tstick20.jpg (61209 bytes)

Although this project didn't cost me anything other than time spent because it was made from spare parts....

Project costs:

any PC trigger joystick ~$10.00     BestBuy, online, etc... 
Ultimate joystick $12.10 Happ Controls





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