.: ArcadeVGA screenshots.


Monitor:  Wells-Gardner 19K7901


Below are some comparison photos between the non-interlaced & interlaced desktop modes (640 x 288 & 640 x 480).  The wallpaper in the photos is available here if you would like to make your own comparisons.

640 x 288 non-interlaced desktop


640 x 480 interlaced desktop


640 x 288 non-interlaced desktop (close-up)
Note:  The camera kept picking up moire patterns.
After about 15 shots I gave up trying to get a clean picture.  These patterns are NOT visible to the eye.


640 x 480 interlaced desktop (close-up)

640 x 288 non-interlaced desktop (very close-up)


640 x 480 interlaced desktop (very close-up)



A couple more 640 x 288 non-interlaced close-ups.




Windows version of Game Launcher.



Street Fighter Alpha 3 running in 392 x 240 resolution.  Fantastic picture!



Super Sprint running at 512 x 448.  The native resolution (512 x 384) is not an available resolution with the current ArcadeVGA, so the closest one (512 x 448) was chosen.  Top and bottom borders are visible.

Note:  Even if 512 x 448 isn't manually selected, MAME automatically selects 512 x 448 for this game.  I specifically chose this game to test because 512 x 384  is not currently on the list of ArcadeVGA supported resolutions.  Nonetheless, the results are breathtaking.



Pac-Man on horizontal monitor

Pac-Man on vertical monitor


Donkey Kong on horizontal monitor

Donkey Kong on vertical monitor



Spy Hunter.  Judge for yourself, compare this pic to the rest of them.