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Vortex Spinner
by ArcadeParadise.org

by the Massive MAME Project


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Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball
Neon EL strip mod
Williams Multigame
Sinistar cab conversion
Total restoration project
Class of '81 MAME cocktail
Original cab conversion
Upright MAME cabinet
"Unnamed" scratch-built project
Mad Planets
Dedicated, all original cabinet.

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The new V2 spinner is here!
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The Oscar Controls website will be closed temporarily. We will not be accepting orders through the website during this time.

Some products will continue to be sold through eBay until we reopen. This page will be updated when products are available on eBay.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to serve you in the future!




.: Extras

Customer Installations
Customer cabinets and projects that feature Oscar Controls products.

The Oscar Gallery
Arcade and MAME artwork for your projects.

Joystick Review
Review of the Happ Controls Super, Competition, and Ultimate joysticks.

Joystick Review II
Review of the Happ Controls Super vs. the Happ Perfect 360.

Monitor Comparison
A close-up comparison of various monitor types displaying MAME.

Repairing a control panel
This page shows the restoration of a hacked-up, converted Centipede control panel.

Spinner & Trackball
Shows how to connect both a trackball and spinner to a single mouse with the use of a DPDT switch.

Installing PC speakers
How to hack a set of PC speakers and install them in your MAME cabinet.

LED driver board for I-PAC
Directions and schematic for building a Super Bright LED driver

Optical coin switch
Directions and schematic for building an optical coin detect circuit for a coin door.

ArcadeVGA screenshots!
Pictures of the Ultimarc ArcadeVGA arcade monitor running various games.

Cabinet Volume Control
Build your own volume control for your MAME cabinet if you are using an amplifier.

Cheap Degaussing Coil
Build you own degaussing coil from left-over parts.

Arcade & Game fonts
A repository of arcade style fonts is being collected and are available for download.

Customize your HotRod!
Installation of a Model 1 spinner, Joystick Restrictors, and extra buttons to a HotRod SE!

How-To Projects
Trigger-stick hack
Steering wheel to Opti-PAC


.: Latest Customer Installations

ApartmentCade  -  Alan's Multicade

See these projects and many others
on the Customer Installations page.





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