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Model 1, 2, & Pro spinners purchased before 11/4/02



DOS dual mouse driver (also works with single mice, both serial & ps/2)

Latest drivers for Model 1 (required for Windows 2000).



X-Y Split Axis dual spinners

(Note: This section refers to the discontinued version of the Model 1, but may still be useful to those building their own spinners.)

By using an older MAME derivitive,  EMU+, you can connect dual OSCAR's to utilize a single interface, either PS/2 or serial.  One of the OSCAR's is connected to the X-axis of the PCB and the other OSCAR is connected to the Y-axis.  EMU+ allows you to assign the Y-axis to Player 2 controls.

To configure EMU+ to use the Y-axis OSCAR for Player 2, the following modifications need to be made in the emulator configuration:

1.  Press 'Tab' during gameplay to enter the configuration menu.

2.  Enter the Optimame Extras menu and change Analog Input 2 to Dial V.

3.  Return to the main menu, then enter the Analog Axis configuration screen.

4.  Change Mouse Y Axis to P2 X, if it isn't already.

The OSCAR that is connected to the Y-axis is now set up for Player 2.  This will need to be done for each game that independent spinners are required.


Dual mice spinners

The "old" way - running DOS with serial or ps/2 spinners.

If you are using  DOS MAME beta .37b11 or later, dual spinners are supported. They can be a combination of (1) PS/2 and (1) serial, or (2) serial devices. In order to get dual spinner support, the following must be done:

1. Use DOS MAME .37b11 or later

2. Download the "optimouse" drivers found on the MAME homepage and extract to C:\OPTIDRV.

3. Read the Readme file included with the MAME optimouse drivers.

4. Add the following line to your autoexec.bat file: C:\MOUSE\CTMOUSEP (assuming your primary pointing device is PS/2)

5. Also add this line to you autoexec.bat file: C:\OPTIDRV\OPTIDRV /1 (secondary device connected to COM 1)

6. Reboot

7. You can check the functionality of the devices by running C:\OPTIDRV\MOUSECHK

8. If the devices are working properly, the are all set to be used in MAME.

9. Please refer to the Readme file for additional help or troubleshooting.


OSCAR Pro and Model 2 info

Opti-PAC interface

When a Model 2/Pro  is connected to the Opti-PAC interface, the Opti-PAC's polarity jumper must be set to Active Lo.  Both the Model 2 and Pro spinners are equipped with (4) wires identified as +5V (red), GND (black), X1 (white), and X2 (green).  If you are having trouble making your spinner function, ensure that no wires are touching each other on the back of the optic board.  For troubleshooting, here is a schematic of the optic board.


Hagstrom Electronics interface.

When a Model 2/Pro is ordered with the Hagstrom-compatible option, two modifications are made to the spinner.  First, since the Hagstrom interfaces do not support Active Lo optics, (2) pull-up resistors are added to the circuit.  Second, the Hagstrom interface boards do not have screw terminals like the Opti-PAC, they use .100" pin headers (MTA-100).  A 4-pin MTA-100 connector is added to the spinner's wires to directly connect to the interface.  If you are having trouble making your spinner function, ensure that no wires are touching each other on the back of the optic board.  For troubleshooting, here is a schematic of the optic board.



Linux help

This section is new and the information is fairly limited so far.  Additional information is welcome at Email for information.

Model 1

The Model 1 has been successfully tested under Redhat 7.3 in USB mode.  In order to use USB devices under Linux, you must have USB support (usb-ohci) compiled in your kernel.  Most newer and popular Linux distributions already have USB support enabled by default.  The Model 1 is compatible with the Generic (USB) Linux mouse driver.

Model 2/Pro

Since the Model 2 connects to your PC via an external interface or encoder, the interface or encoder must be supported under Linux for it to operate.

Hagstrom ME4 - Load the Logitech 3-button PS/2 driver, as this seemed to give better performance than the Generic PS/2 driver.  This was tested under Mandrake 8.2.

Opti-PAC - Load the Generic serial mouse driver for the Opti-PAC interface.  This information was provided by Ultimarc.




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