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Model 3 with mounting plate and natural aluminum knob.

Model 3 with mounting plate and optional USB mouse interface.

Plateless Model 3 for 3/4" control panel thickness and skirted knob.

Plateless Model 3 for 3/4" control panel thickness and skirted knob.

Plan view of mounting plate installation with cutout dimensions.

Section view of mounting plate installation.

Section view of plateless  spinner installation.


.: Model 3 spinner

.: Overview

The Model 3 spinner is compatible with the Ultimarc Opti-PAC and Hagstrom Electronics KE-72T, ME4, and KE-USB36 encoder interfaces.  The Model 3 can also be used in combination with the optional USB mouse interface which is sold separately by Oscar Controls for compatibility with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

The Model 3 is available with or without a mounting plate to suit your installation requirements.  Both the mounting plate and plateless bracket assembly are manufactured by Oscar Controls.

Four choices of spinner knobs are available.  Please see the Spinner Knobs page for additional information.


.: Construction

- Heavy, 3/8" thick steel flywheel laser cut for accuracy
- Self-lubricating bronze bearing
- 1/4" alloy steel shaft case hardened to Rockwell C 60
- Oscar Controls universal optic board
- Custom steel encoder wheel manufactured by Oscar Controls.


.: Connection to encoder interface

The connection header on the Model 3 has 4 pins labeled:


The +5V and GND pins are to be wired to your encoder's similarly labeled connections.  The S1 & S2 pins are to be wired to your encoder's signal input connections (X1 & X2 for the Opti-PAC,  A3 & B3 for the Hagstrom ME4, etc).  A receptacle connector is included with the Model 3 for making the wire connections.  A small, flat head screwdriver is all that is required for inserting the wires into the connector.  Recommended wire size is 22 gauge stranded.


.: USB Mouse interface

The optional USB mouse interface allows the Model 3 spinner to be connected directly to your PC's USB port.  The USB mouse interface is compatible with Windows98/Me/2000/XP.

The Model 3 may be used on either the x- or y-axis with the USB mouse interface, and it also supports axis-reversing.



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