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Vortex - standard configuration

Vortex - standard configuration

Vortex - standard configuration

Vortex - standard configuration

Vortex - Tempest configuration.
Shown adjusted for metal
 control panel and fitted with
 a Tempest optic board.

Vortex vs. Tempest

Vortex vs. Tempest

Vortex vs. Tempest

Vortex vs. Tempest


.: Oscar Controls Vortex spinner

The Vortex spinner is a clone of the original Tempest spinner.

The entire frame and encoder wheel is finished in black zinc
for life-long corrosion resistance for all the individual components.


.: Features

The Vortex has the strongest & most durable frame available in any spinner due to its all steel welded-box construction.

The encoder wheel, which is a perfect match for Tempest, is also perfect for MAME.  Little to no adjustments to the MAME settings are required for perfect gameplay!


Part-by-part comparison:

All the components on the Vortex spinner are completely interchangeable with an original Tempest spinner, less the optic board.

Encoder wheel The Vortex has the same tooth count, size, spacing, and profile as Tempest. The encoder wheel on the Vortex does not have the outside ring like the original for increased flexibility in optic board placement.

Flywheel The Vortex flywheel is machined from aluminum like the Tempest spinner.  The overall diameter of the flywheel was kept the same so it would have the same weight distribution as the original.

Shaft The shaft on the Vortex is adjustable for wood or metal control panels, where Tempest was designed for a metal control panel application.

Frame The all steel, rigid, welded box frame of the Vortex spinner is the same construction as the original Tempest. The Vortex spinner has mounting holes for a Tempest or Oscar Controls optic board (an Oscar Controls optic board is supplied with all Vortex spinners).  The Vortex spinner can also be fitted directly to a Tempest control panel with no modifications.

Bearings The standard dual bearings on the Vortex are a perfect match for the original Tempest and can be used as a direct replacement if necessary. Since the bearings and flywheel weight are the same on the Vortex as the Tempest spinners, the feel is identical.


.: Connection to encoder interface

The connection header on the Vortex has 4 pins labeled:


The +5V and GND pins are to be wired to your encoder's similarly labeled connections.  The S1 & S2 pins are to be wired to your encoder's signal input connections (X1 & X2 for the Opti-PAC,  A3 & B3 for the Hagstrom ME4, etc).  A receptacle connector is included with the Vortex spinner for making the wire connections.  A small, flat head screwdriver is all that is required for inserting the wires into the connector.  Recommended wire size is 22 gauge stranded.

When using the Vortex spinner with the Ultimarc Opti-PAC, ensure the interface's polarity jumper is set to Active Lo for maximum performance.


.: USB Mouse interface

The optional USB mouse interface allows the Vortex spinner to be connected directly to your PC's USB port.  The USB mouse interface is compatible with Windows98/Me/2000/XP.

The Vortex may be used on either the x- or y-axis with the USB mouse interface, and it also supports axis-reversing.


.: Installation

The Vortex is designed for extremely easy installation.  Only a single hole in your control panel is necessary (5/8" - 1 1/8") for the shaft to protrude through.  Two screws to attach the frame to the underside of your control panel are all that is required.

Recommended clearance allowance for installation:  5" x 4" x 1 7/8" deep.




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