.: "Unnamed" (Gotham) MAME
5th, 2003


The Cabinet

This is a custom 2-piece cabinet that I designed.  The cabinet is about 5'-9", lower unit is 20" wide overall, and the upper unit is 24 1/2" wide overall.  The lower unit has a cutout for a "case mod" look that will have a Plexiglas window and cold cathode tube lighting.

The cabinet uses a car amp with dedicated power supply and a total of 6 speakers for sound.  Fully relay-controlled power system for 1-button startup of PC, monitor, power supplies, and amplifier.  External volume control was added below control panel.

The monitor is a Wells-Gardner D9100 19" svga that plugs directly into the video card.


Unfinished upper and lower  units assembled

Lower unit

Partially finished

Close up of lower unit. Speaker grilles not installed.

View from rear access hatch showing motherboard installation.

Another view from rear access hatch.  Car amp is shown on right side of cabinet.

View of bottom of cabinet showing dual power supplies.  All cables and wiring encased in spiral wire wrap.

View through front window showing motherboard.

View through rear hatch showing motherboard.



Control Panel

Joysticks - Happ Perfect360's with Wico balltop handles
Buttons - Happ horizontal
Spinner - Oscar Vortex w/ Tempest knob through USB
Encoder - I-PAC2
Overlay - PartsExpress black vinyl
Wire - 22ga stranded (multi-conductor sheathed cable)
RF Keyboard & mouse combo - RF receiver under control panel
USB hub for RF keyboard & USB spinner



Finished Cabinet 

Game lineup:
MAME, Mad Planets, Time Pilot, MultiWilliams


PDF plans:  Upper unit  |  Lower unit


Artwork Plans

This project is to be named the "Gotham" cabinet and the following artwork is planned for it:

Control panel

Artwork layout - Bat symbol for upper sides and Gotham text on lower sides

Upper side

Lower side (rotated)





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